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Irrigation controllers are sometimes called irrigation timers. Hunter's lineup offers an array of user-friendly features and smart controller water-saving options built to fit any landscape irrigation system. Since 2001, the Pro-C has been the contractor’s choice in residential irrigation control. The Pro-C has proven to be the most reliable and robust controller in the industry, with the flexibility to expand on demand due to its modular design. When expansion isn't necessary, the fixed 6 and 12 station models offer affordability in a high-end residential controller.


- Large LCD display for simplified programming.


- Easy to read for schedule review and entry.


- Three programs with multiple start times.


- Global water budget,seasonal adjustment.


- Choice of independent day scheduling options. Days of the week or 31 day interval.



Type: Modular

Stations: 6- 42



Type: Modular and Fixed

Stations: Modular: 4-16

               Fixed: 6 & 12

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